Blatto. is a relaxing haven that offers exclusive haircut experience

in the heart of Museumkwartier, Amsterdam.

Our talented and highly experienced team is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty

and delivers an exceptional level of service tailored to your needs.

At blatto. we create beautiful hair using only the latest in natural & organic products.

We are leaders in the latest trends on style and color without the adverse health effects.

Our passion is to ensure we don't compromise your health for exceptional hair.

We know you don't have to.

Book now or just drop in freely for your indulgent treatment with a cup of tea.


Wedding movie in JAPAN

  こんばんわ!オランダ、アムステルダムの日系美容室Blattoのスタイリスト兼マルチクリエイターのyukiです! 去年の夏まで話は遡りますが逗子マリーナと横浜で二件の結婚式の前撮りと動画撮影の依頼をいただきまして一週間だけ帰国してまいりました!     今回の要望は流行のボーボースタイルでの撮影だったので飾りすぎないようにスタイリングさせて頂きました!…

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