#16(Rotterdam) today’s guests!! let’s get a beautiful hair! By Ray


Hello this is Ray.


I gave new hair to her. She got beautiful hair , I cut one.

She wants to natural color so doesn’t have to dye and keep growing to be more longer so I cut the hair gave some damage.

I used this product “OI ALL IN ONE MILK” before blow dry. This is able to give you natural volumes and moisture.




I cut her hair 3 cm because one is a little bit thin to have gloss and thickness.

Not to cut will cause shrinkage and damage. Ideal is between 1.5 and 2 month is better.


How is it? I promise you to get beautiful hair. It looks healthy also.

I use a curl iron but I think you can design to be free.




And  I did makeup to her . I can do it so I can teach you about makeup.

Actually there are a lot of person that want to know about it. Used purple eyeshadows , they can give her adult impression.


I think you harness the hair having natural waves is better in that case you need some products.

We have a lot of products to be able to help you , if you concern about your hair they will be able to solve it.


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Blatto はいろいろな種類のプロダクトがあり、悩みによって使い分けられますので、一度相談しに来てください!!


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Thank you so much



Ray Kasahara