#20(Rotterdam) introducing BOB By Ray


Hello this is Ray


Ill introduce bob hair style. She got a new hair that not jumble and beautiful shape.


This is only blow so you can do it . Used a serum before dry. It is able to protect from dryer heating and be able to moisturize.



Bob has to be beautiful shape because this is face visible style ,so we have to cut politely.


I cut short a little bit only inside so that you are easy to styling. So perhaps you need trim once two month to keep beautiful shape.


I did makeup also. I thought she is suitable warm color rather than cool color. I gave her softy impression.



The important thing to give impression is drawing eye blow . These have to fit texture each other.


I draw her eye blow bright color to give soft impression.

How is it?  Im good at cut short hair styles and makeup as hair stylist and makeup artist.

There are a lot of hair salon in Rotterdam but if you want to have a short hair styles ,please take care of cut to me. As Japanese hairdresser ,I can complete to done your hair

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Thank you so much

Ray Kasahara