Relaxation in Blatto.

Hi everyone, this is Chica from Blatto Amsterdam!
Hope everything is good with you.

We know sometimes life can be hectic especially close to end of the years.
We do have some special treatment for busy people who need to relax for a bit!

In japanese culture, we do care about our quality of services in the salon
so even the wash, we try to wash your hair gentle and nice, massage your scalp to refresh and relax!
(It’s funny how we trained just to be able to wash someone’s hair for at least a few months back in japan! )

We do some japanese shiatsu and head massage for some relaxation.

Our menu is from 10 minutes, 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
Our basin is made for well being and good pressure point for neck which is nice.
Head massage Pressures can be strong or weak depends on what you would prefer.

Even with the haircut, blow dry and any other technical services,
You can add Head Spa ( head massage ) easily.

You can also ask when you come into our salon for head massage or you can make an appointment on our websites.
We would love to do when we have enough time.

We all want you to take a little bit more time just for yourself and relax.

Have a great week!

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