#49(Rotterdam) one of favorite item ‘ singer sewing machine ‘ by ray


Hello this is Ray.


I’m writing to want to tell you we are particular about selection furniture and us theme “sustainable” , and I want to provide to you  rich life.


” Antique SINGER sewing machine “



In 1851 , America. This was born from 2 person that mr Singer and Edward who is lawyer in New York


They won numerous awards , developed manual machine at fist , work by the foot at the next.  They succeeded in expanding overseas such as Canada , Scotland.


And I like sounds that when to work by the hand and foot . It has a sound that is not present in sewing machine.



This is serial number , this is born 1914 in Scotland . You can see by looking at the lower part of the main body .

I was interested in the second hand or the products it has a history for a long time. Clothing as well.




We were making the set table , transform all sewing machine into it by ourselves.



We are appreciated by numerous customer but I did just see because I’m not good at DIY haha




I really like this space that be able to feel atmosphere that is antique .


As a staff that be particular about sustainability of Blatto , these are really important things.



please come to see and feel atmosphere. We are looking forward to meeting you then.



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Thank you so  much


Ray Kasahara