#52【 today’s item 】Japanese wallet brand “ITADAKI” By Ray


Hello this is Ray.


To use a PIN card par for the course around here but there are a lot of people who wants to use a cash in Japan. So there are different type of shapes wallet in Japan.


Then I’m gonna introduce one. this brand is ITADAKI



ITADAKI , it mean is to get in Japanese. As such this is made of the same leather as HERMES


As you know , they are particular about craftsmanship , they made one handmade each of products , and they throw away a leathers that are not even . He got one from them , he is making a leather items.


This is proof


It is written down the name “PERLINGER” . That is company name and be able to make a shrink leather.

I was using a blue one but it’s different leather texture blue one and brown one.


You were able to see this leather texture once.

this leather is one of supreme and we can not fix when to broken



I like these like a it has will and mean, and particular about sustainability .




It might be visible HERMES products when to see well



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イタダキ というブランドのもので、ヘルメスと同じ革製遺品を作っているブランドです。


















Thank you so much


Ray Kasahara