Favorite Ramen shops in Amsterdam

Hallo everyone, how are you doing?
I’m chica from Blatto International hair salon in Museumplein.
We have asked lots of questions about good ramen shops or japanese foods in Amsterdam
So why not, I would like to introduce some of the ramen shops that I found good in Amsterdam! ( You probably know already but yea)

I didn’t go eat ramen that much back in Japan but now in Amsterdam
I kind of feel like going a lot just because I miss japanese food! haha

Ramen is such a easy, fast and delicious noodle in soup with different kinds of broth.
I am actually becoming a big fan of ramen now!

First day when we got to Amsterdam we were just starving and jump into this Ramen shop called SORA sapporo ramen in De pijp
They had different kinds of ramen like basic shoyu, miso and spicy one.
Their noodle was so chewy and well boiled, taste of miso soup was just amazing!
Very authentic sapporo ( name of the place in japan ) Ramen!

Miso ramen

And the other day We wanted to have something easy and fast, we went to Taka Zoku Shou ramen shop in Jordaan.
You hardly recognize the restaurant from outside and it’s cool kind of small bar looking.
You can pick some ramens as well as some Okonomiyaki (japanese pancakes).
I’ve got miso ramen again and it was good too!
Looked more modern ramen with lots of toppings.
My partner ordered the different one ( forgot what he got sorry ) and was so delicious too,
Next time would love to try other one!

Miso ramen

Third one was also in Jordaan area and called Hinata Amsterdam.
You can clearly notice they have vegan menu which is good!
They have such a nice atmosphere and We liked a lot.
I had miso ramen again and the taste of soup was so good!
My partner got special weekly menu which was pork ginger one and was sooooo delicious as well!
They had really simple and nice ramens, also some other menus.

Miso ramen

Fourth one was in central of Amsterdam called Ramen Kingdom.
I heard it’s kind of new good japanese ramen restaurant and we all (Team Blatto ) finally made it to go there!
After closing the salon at 8 pm we run into the tram and went there that was fun haha
They seemed very busy even if it’s almost 9 pm. Or probably that’s why they are busy
because not lots of restaurant are open till late in Amsterdam.
I got Chicken spicy ramen and it was just AMAZING!
The way they put topping is very precise and looked amazing.
Taste of soup was just like authentic japanese ramen, I think they do have really good broth and base!
They had chiken based, pork based and vegetable based ramen! Also good for vegetarians!

Chicken spicy ramen

Hmmmmmm Felt like I wrote too much about ramen, hope you didn’t get bored reading this!
But I will continue researching new goodies and hope to speak to you in person as well.
See you guys soon!