This is Chica again!

Hallo, this is Chica again from our international hair salon in museumplein.
How’s everyone doing?
It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been here in Amsterdam, still floating but slightly settling in.

I’m gonna introduce what I want to do what i like to do today.
As I mentioned I used to work at curly hair salon in Melbourne, I’m specialized in curly wavy hair and even coily hair.
Not just curly wavy but also straight hair, I like to deal with natural hair.
Blow drying your curly wavy or frizzy hair is good but also need a lot of effort.
When you feel like you don’t wanna blow dry anymore, you wanna embrace your curls and waves
I’d LOVE to help and speak to you about how you wanna go.

I do love to create natural style but also love to add a bit striking taste on hair stlyes.
Here’s some of my work in the past!

I love to photoshoot sorry if I take too much pictures of you! haha
Hope to see you in near future!