Introduction of new member Chica

Hi everyone!
I’m Chica from Tokyo Japan new to Amsterdam Netherlands!
I’m friendly and talkative such a person.
I’ve been hairdressing for almost 6 years and after working in international hair salon in Tokyo, I’ve lived in Melbourne for a year to experience the difference and cultures.
I’m passionate about what I do for work and always keep my eyes open for creative hair trends and advanced hair techniques!
I love traveling and exploring the world, I’ve already been many places in Europe but would love to visit more places.
In Melbourne, I’ve worked at curly hair salon and learned how to look after curly hair more . I want everyone to love what they have naturally.
I find it very stimulating to be able to communicate with people from all over the world not just people from Japan. This is why I’m here!
Talk to me anything about your hair and life!