#56 (Rotterdam) Started to work as a Director By Ray


Hello , this is Ray .

I’m gonna inform you guys , I stared to work as a director at Blatto Rotterdam .

these are not change that I usually work at Rotterdam blanch . But I have to work as a hairdresser , and have to manage at Rotterdam blanch . It’s quite honor to give me this positions .


I’m always passionate to serve you guys a best hairstyles and best hospitality as a director . All of them is for love customer . And then we have to aspire after perfection .



It’s been around 1 year since I came and restart of new my life , I’ve been passing over to provide several things for people around me . I’ll keep doing such as it.


I’ve not changed my work schedule to go to work to Amsterdam blanch, it’s second Tuesday and fourth Tuesday. Please check our business schedule when you are interested .


I’m always happy if I can please to you guys through my job as a hairdresser . I’d love to meet my love customer as a hairdresser and one of Japanese as well.



thank you so much . Please come to get a best hairstyle with expectations .