#55 [Rotterdam] New suggesting healthy layered haircut By ray


Hello this is Ray. Long time no see.

Thanks as always you make an appointment a lot, and I’m happy to see you guys.



I’m gonna introduce/suggest new healthy layered haircut blow this.

I always consider somewhere you fit it . Look a lot your skeleton of face and your hair texture.


These are same the way cutting it but it’s different own hair texture originally . They got chin line bangs and many layers forward. This hairstyle is suitable for people who has slightly neck . If you concern about not to make a volume , I suggest to use volume up spray or moose .



These are for you if you like heavy weight texture. This hairstyle is heavy at your ends, if you have long or super long or you want to grow it more longer in the future, it’s suitable. This is able to tie it easily .



Depending on own skeleton of faces you might be good making bangs . Making a bangs is able to put obviously layers . It’s gonna be lightweight around your face . I think it’s better for medium length . When to tie your hair , it can be invisible a face shape you don’t like.



I have a different type of layered haircut, please ask me if you wonder .

You would be able to get a good hair!





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thank you so much