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Today I would like to introduce

scalp treatment (Head spa)

Especially in the summer, sweat and sebum stains tend to accumulate on the scalp,and it also susceptible to UV damage. 🙁

In such a case, I will introduce a recommented menu that can be improved and protected ✨

We have a menu HEAD SPA☀️




10min Head spa   15€〜

20min Head spa  30€〜

30min Head spa  45€〜


These have a great effect that are 7 main effects.


1, you can get Beautiful hair

The reason why head spa is effective for beautiful hair is that hair treatment is performed to moisturize and nourish hair.

it also improves the scalp environment by cleaning pores and loosening fir.

A scalp that improves blood circulation and is clean will have a positive effect on the next hair that grows.


2, lift up yor face

The head spa can be expected to lift up the your face.

it’s also the head muscles that lift facial muscles. Naturally ,the scalp and face are connected.

when the head muscles become stiff , it seems difficult to support the facial muscles.


3, Anti-aging effect

This is because you can expect a younger look on your face by tightenning the face line tightly due to the lift – up effect described above.

you can expect two things massage improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the head, improves sweling, and improves complexion


4 you can get felling like refreshed

The head spa can be refreshed easily.

This is because you can relax and refresh yourself by reliving triedness and stress with massages that massage your

head and treatment and the scent of oil.

it is said that when the blood flow in the scalp deteriorates, it becomes difficult for oxygen to spread to the brain.

if this condition continues, you will feel more tired and will feel more stress.Head spa is a treatment to get rid of stress and refresh.


5, Hair growth

This is able to expected as a hair growth effect that you can care about, and as a measure for hair loss / thinning hair

Those with a lot of hair may have stiff scalp and poor blood circulation.

These can be very promising for the foundation of hair growth.


6, Good sleep


Head spa can be expected to improve sleep quality.

It can be expected that the autonomic nerve will be adjusted by improving blood flow. This will help you can get a good

night sleep. 🙂


7, Gray hair improvement

Head spa can be expected to improve gray hair. This is also based on the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp and the good night’s sleep due to relaxation.

It’s improves poor circulation of the scalp and lack of sleep that cause gray hair.

Relieves head stiffness and improves circulation. This makes it possible to deliver nutrition to hair matrix cells in the hair root.

Reduing even one cause of gray hair is effective in improving gray hair.


How is it? Problems with hair and scalp are more likely to occur in summer.

Let’s take care of them and getting a healthy hair and scalp. ☺︎

Would you like to try it with a cut or other menu together ?


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

I’m gonna introducing the right menu for you ✨


Thank you for reading it untill the end.😁


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