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This time, I would like to introduce the hair treatments that in Blatto using.

There are three types of hair treatment lines.

●Premium treatment
●Deep conditioning treatment
●Protection treatment


●Premium treatment

5 step treatment. Most effective on badly damaged hair and dry hair.

Nourishing shampoo uses ultra-gentle surfactants and naturally Nourishing extracts to cleanse and condition hair, leaving it soothed and soft.Hair and scalp are moisturized, nourished and soothed .☺︎ It repairs from inside the hair and strengthens the hair fibers.

Basically, it is a super treatment suitable for all types, but it is highly recommended for those who have accumulated damage by repeating coloring and perming.🌞


●Deep conditioning treatment

This is a 3-step treatment. It is suitable for all hair and has immediate effects.

Adds a shine, smooth texture and softens frizz. and you can also minimize the damage to your hair caused by UV rays, which is recommended in this season.⛱🌊

This treatment smells really very good. You can also enjoy the scent for a certain period of time as well.This uses butter and oil to adds further hair repair and luster and smoothness.


●Protection treatment

This line is divided into two types.

One is butter treatment that does not include oil. (A type that does not mix the Deep conditioning treatment in oil.)

The second is recommended for people who want to lighten their hair or who have a lot of color history but who want to change their hair color. Also, this color potion is very important when changing from a natural color to a fairly bright hair.

Minimize the progression of hair color and bleaching damage and finish in a Beautiful hair color.☺︎




Summer is a season when there is a lot of external stimulation to the your hair. (UV rays and when going to the beach or pool)

Take care of your hair and eliminate the damage caused by summer to get clean, healthy hair.😁

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We will help you to have a wonderful summer. 🕶

Have a nice day! 😆


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